You don’t have to eat a vegan diet to choose vegan and cruelty-free beauty products.

In fact, more people than ever are switching to a cruelty-free skincare regime, with good reason. But why should you consider choosing products labeled this way?

5 Reasons To Choose Vegan & Cruelty-Free Skincare & Cosmetics

1.    Avoids Animal Ingredients

Beeswax, lanolin and uric acid are just a few of the animal-based ingredients that are used in cosmetics. That’s not to mention carmine – a red dye made by crushing up beetles!

When you choose vegan products no animal has to suffer.

In fact, there are plant-based alternatives to all the previously mentioned ingredients – offering the same results, without the cruelty.

2. Promotes Kindness to Animals

With many alternative methods out there, animal testing is outdated.

Although many countries have banned animal testing, unfortunately, there are still some (such as China), that require cosmetics to be tested this way by law.

It’s unfortunate:

This lucrative market has highlighted companies that compromise on their ethics – outsourcing their testing in order to sell there.

Voting with your dollars and opting for cruelty-free products sends a clear message to those brands who are placing profit above animal welfare.

3. Increases Product Awareness

Making the switch to vegan products means you’ll be more formula aware.

As you learn to read ingredients lists, you’ll discover more about the ingredients you choose to put on your skin.

It’s about empowerment:

This way you can make more well-informed decisions when it comes to selecting products that fit into your skincare regimen.

4. Support Companies Who Care

Companies who formulate cruelty-free vegan products truly care.

They care about animal welfare, the environment, and your wellbeing too – caring is in their nature.

This makes all the difference:

When you buy from vegan and cruelty-free companies you can rest assured that you’re not compromising on your health and ethics.

You’ll most likely be supporting the environment too, as many vegan companies opt for eco-friendly packaging and practices.

5. Soothes Skin

Vegan beauty products often contain fewer ingredients than their non-vegan counterparts – giving your skin only what it needs, and nothing more.

For example, you won’t find lanolin in vegan products. This greasy sheep’s wool extract is a known irritant that offers little benefits to the skin.

As it turns out:

Vegan products are often formulated with soothing plant extracts and other natural ingredients, making them not only kinder to animals, but to your skin too.

Sourcing Vegan & Cruelty-Free Products

PETA’s cruelty-free bunny program creates transparency between brands and consumers.

By undergoing rigorous testing, their logo symbolizes that they have certified a brand cruelty-free. It’s a sign of assurance, meaning you can shop with confidence.

Good news:

At NOOMI Stockholm we never test any of our products on animals, nor do we use animal-based ingredients. That’s why we’re PETA cruelty-free AND vegan certified – it’s something we’re passionate about.

Make a Difference:

When you choose vegan & cruelty-free cosmetics you’re supporting companies that are working to change support what’s right. Be a part of the movement to choose kindness, for both animals and your skin.

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