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Top 5 Beauty YouTubers for Women Over 50

Posted by Tindra Eriksson on
Top 5 Beauty YouTubers for Women Over 50

The world of YouTube can seem distant and unrelatable to women over 50. But that is not true for most women. A number of women find solidarity with some YouTubers when it comes to makeup, fashion, skincare, you name it!

Finally, there’s no need to look further. Here are NOOMI’s top 5 YouTubers for women over 50! 

Elle Leary

Elle Leary’s YouTube goes by the full title of “Elle Leary Artistry.” With a current 194k subscribers and a website ahead of its game, Elle Leary remains grounded in her passion for supporting women over 50 with makeup ideas, tutorials, products, etc. As a bonus, Elle addresses the issues women confront today in their age, offering them a fresher perspective on age. 

Visit the Elle Leary Artistry YouTube Channel here. 

Mel C 

What makes Canadian Melanie C stand out from the rest of the YouTubers in the category is her total commitment to her craft. She, herself, is the testament to her artistry, fashion, and products. A woman over 50 herself, Mel C recommends the healthiest products and offers ideas on how to use these products wisely for women her age. Mel C is undoubtedly an ambassador for women who want to feel good about their age. 

Visit Mel C's  YouTube Channel here. 

Tara Lynn

What’s great about Tara Lynn is her reputable knowledge of all healthy beauty products - hydrating, pore-reducing, and soothing makeups - for women of all ages. On top of it all, when Tara Lynn reviews a product, she would never hesitate to go over the tiniest details. Tara Lynn is undoubtedly a reliable makeup product expert!

Visit Tara Lynn’s YouTube channel here. 


Wendy runs a successful YouTube channel entitled “My Life Wendy.” A woman over 50, Wendy promotes mindful beauty, a philosophy for health and wellness usually missed in today’s social media industry. Consequently, Wendy promotes makeup, fashion, and skincare products that are certified eco-friendly! Moreover, Wendy speaks with a child-like spirit that reaches out to women of all ages!

Discover Wendy’s YouTube channel today! 

Karen Lawana

Karen is all about good vibes and great love. She’s the kindest Karen you’ll ever know (speaking about breaking the stereotype). Women who prefer natural and gentle makeup would find company with this YouTuber. All-in-all, Karen is 100% well-versed and genuine in talking about natural skincare and cosmetics for women over 50. 

Here are Karen’s YouTube channel.

Do you know any more YouTubers for women over 50? Suggest names in the comments below.

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  • Kim on

    Elle Leary brought me to your site and I’ve been such a fan. In terms of other fantastic You Tubers for women over 50 you should definitely check our Schellea Fowler from Fabulolus50s. She is good vibes and happiness.

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