BirchTech Hybrid’s Unique

Skin-Boosting Benefits


Skin Healing

0.5% Retinol promotes cell renewal, working alongside inflammation calming Nordic Birch Sap to support the skin’s natural healing process for a smoother, firmer complexion.

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Ageless Appearance

Swedish Cloudberry extract, Retinol & Vitamin C boost skin’s collagen production to diminish fine lines & wrinkles for youthfully plumped skin.

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Radiant Hydration

Hyaluronic Acid prevents hydration loss, whilst Nordic Birch Sap & Swedish Lingonberry boost moisture and soothe irritation for healthy, radiant skin.

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Cell Protection

Antioxidant rich BirchTech Hybrid protects skin’s cells against damage from daily environmental stressors, improving skin tone & elasticity.


Complexion Correction

Skin lightening Lingonberry evens skin tone to diminish the appearance of dark spots, working alongside Vitamin E & Cloudberry to prevent further pigmentation issues.


Nighttime Formulation

BirchTech Hybrid is formulated to support your skin’s specific nighttime needs by supporting collagen production, as well as detoxifying & hydrating whilst you sleep.

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BirchTech Hybrid is formulated without water for a lightweight, highly penetrable formula. Infused with 55% Nordic Birch Sap in place of H20, product absorption is enhanced, delivering the formula’s multitude of benefits deep within the skin for maximum results. With both a serum and cream formulation, BirchTech Hybrid is a highly potent, multi-faceted product aimed to simplify skincare regimes whilst maximizing results.


Harvested in the wild, the ingredients we’ve infused into BirchTech Hybrid have demonstrated resilience and strength. Sourced from the world’s largest organic-certified forest area in Lappland, the highly adaptive Swedish botanicals enhance the 2-in-1 product with skin-protecting antioxidants and polyphenols. The 100% natural formula is crafted in micro-batches, ensuring freshness as nature intended.


PETA certified vegan and cruelty-free, BirchTech Hybrid’s natural formula is ethically and sustainably sourced. Prioritising our eco-friendly commitment, we harvest ingredients in a way that respects the environment and life within it. Every bottle is crafted with recyclable non-toxic glass and is housed in 100% biodegradable sustainable cardboard boxes for completely virtuous skin care.

Ready for a Nordic Skin Revolution?

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Buy Birchtech Hybrid today and take your first step toward total skin renewal. 


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