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Many things fade over time, but the joy of playing with makeup is something that doesn’t have to. As we age, however, so does our skin. It changes in form, elasticity, and even color. And while we at NOOMI welcome the many wonderful changes that come across the years, we also believe in always paying attention to the little details in our beauty regimens to help us look our best at whatever age. 

Did you know that there may be some changes to your makeup routine that might help your natural beauty come out better? The things that might have worked in your younger years might not be the same tips and tricks that you need to pay attention to right now. As such, we’ve summed up some of the common don’ts that you might need to take notice of as you take on that delightful process of putting on your best face. 

1. Going too heavy on the foundation

While putting on thick layers of foundation is a no-no at any age, it becomes even more important as we age, since our skin goes through many changes. Reaching for thick, high coverage foundations usually means that the pigment in these products settles into the creases and wrinkles on your face, leaving you looking like you’re wearing a mask rather than a better version of your actual face. Powder foundations may also form lines and streaks over your skin as the day goes by. Instead, explore light coverage liquid foundations that offer moisturizing benefits and that blend seamlessly into your natural skin. 

2. Foundation that’s too pale

Another thing that changes as our skin ages is our natural hue. Skin grows more pallid over time, so choosing the wrong shade of foundation can leave you looking pasty. It might be time to experiment with warmer tones that can liven up your natural color and brighten up your face. You can also try to apply a self tanner the night before to get some extra warmth and glow on your skin underneath your foundation. 

3. Powder based products 

Paying extra attention to the texture of the makeup products that you use is key for mature women. Just like how foundation is more prone to cake for skin that has developed wrinkles and fine lines, products like powder blushes or thick concealers can easily dry out ageing skin or end up looking cakey after a couple of hours. Opt for cream-based and liquid-based products that blend more easily and budge less, and pay extra attention to how they look as the day passes. A tip is to have a hydrating face mist in your bag and if the skin starts to look too dry due to your makeup, just close your eyes and mist 11-12 inches from skin. Your makeup will look more fresh and even again. 

4. Too much concealer

While it may be tempting to layer up on concealer in order to cover age spots and natural discoloration, make sure you don’t overdo it. Using too much concealer can make the product sink into the fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. Texture is again key in finding the right concealer. Skip out on the matte, thick, powdery types that are more likely to highlight what you’re trying to cover up and opt for a lightweight hydrating formula that won't settle into your lines. If you really want to use a setting powder, choose a transparent, brightening weightless formula that is meant for the under eye area. 

5. Too much eye makeup

The last thing you want to do with your eye makeup is to make your eyes look droopy or weighed down. Piling on too much eyeshadow or eyeliner does exactly this. Apart from caking where it shouldn’t, eye makeup done wrong at a mature age can make your eyes look tired. Skip the thick and dramatic lines around your eyes, and instead explore tightlining, paired with a thin layer of light shadow. Lastly, don’t forget to curl your eyelashes! Lifted lashes can help create a youthful and lively look. 

6. Overdone eyebrows

Harsh brows that are overdone or too dark can look cartoonish on mature women. Instead of drawing on thick lines over your brows, follow the natural hair growth and go soft. Pick a product that mimics your real brows and draw them on gently to create a more natural look.

7. Skipping the moisturizer

As we age, skin tends to dry out quicker because of dipping hormone levels. And to make all of these makeup tips come to life, you need to make sure they go on top of the right product as well. NEVER skip out on moisturizer. This is key to avoiding unwanted caking, streaking, and patchy looking makeup. Even better, apply a hydrating primer before your foundation to get a smooth and even canvas that also helps the makeup to look fresh for longer. 

The below serum & cream hybrid is designed for mature skin and will create a super smooth canvas before applying your makeup. Click here to view product.

8. Skipping the SPF

Sunscreen is important in every person’s makeup routine, regardless of age. But mature skin is more prone to sun damage and changes in pigmentation, so all the more should we check on the SPF levels in both our skincare and our makeup products. The more protection, the better. We always recommend at least full-spectrum SPF 30 year round. 


How we apply the products is just as important, too. When putting on your makeup products, try using light, upward strokes. Pulling your skin downwards as you apply your skincare and makeup products helps gravity do what it’s already doing, causing more wrinkling and sagging due to collagen breakage. Especially rubbing and pulling the delicate skin around your skin causes eyelids to lose elasticity and become more wrinkled. Therefore when applying under eye cream or concealer, just pat it on instead of rubbing it in. To keep lipstick from bleeding into fine lines and wrinkles, always use a lipliner and apply the lipstick with a small lip brush to avoid using excess product on your lips. 


Last but not the least, make sure you’re caring for your bare canvas--your skin! Proper skincare is the most important step to making sure your makeup comes out great. Skin that ages gracefully is the perfect base for natural looking makeup. The healthier your canvas, the easier the makeup glides on! NOOMI’s Birchtech Hybrid Overnight Serum and Cream makes this most important tip easier to carry out, because it’s a one-step, once a day application that helps your skin stay plump, soft and smooth throughout your day while lessening discoloration. 


Discover the art of holistic skincare crafted exclusively for mature skin in our meticulously formulated products. Explore our current portfolio by clicking here, and treat your skin to the tailored care it deserves.

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  • Susan Miller on

    At 64, this article piqued my interest, and I figured, why not give it a shot? Life has certainly etched its stories on my skin, and navigating the world of makeup has been a bit of trial and error. The insights provided, particularly about opting for a lighter foundation, steering clear of heavy concealer, and placing a higher emphasis on skincare, hit home. In my corporate days, I was all about the heavy makeup, but let’s face it, it just doesn’t have the same charm now. Especially with concealers and powders settling into those fine lines – not the look I’m going for anymore.

  • Beth Thompson on

    Absolutely resonating with this article at 63! As our skin gracefully ages, adapting our makeup routine becomes a necessity. The insights provided by NOOMI are spot-on, especially about avoiding heavy foundations and embracing products that enhance our natural beauty. I’ve personally seen a positive change by incorporating their serum & cream hybrid into my routine; my skin feels plumper and tighter, like magic in a bottle. Kudos to NOOMI for understanding the needs of mature skin – it’s never too late to feel great about your skin!

  • Mary Brown on

    I’m absolutely in love with Birchtech Hybrid! Not only does it leave my skin feeling incredibly smooth, but the radiant glow it imparts is just amazing. Dealing with mature and dry skin, I’ve tried various products, and nothing else seems to work quite like this. Birchtech Hybrid has become my go-to, and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

  • Evelyn Parham on

    These are excellent tips! I love makeup, but find that as I get older, I wear it less and less because I don’t think it looks good on me. With these helpful tips, I can get back to wearing it more.

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