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"Diagnosis to Dedication: Crafting Clean Beauty After a Battle with Melanoma."

Yearning for Uncompromised Beauty: I Sought Skincare That's Clean, Natural, and Efficient.

Diagnosing with melanoma stage 3 truly made me realize how important it is to pay attention to everything that goes into and onto our body. Many of the ingredients from cosmetics are absorbed through the skin into our bloodstream. Numerous synthetic and hormone disruptors found in these ingredients can create developmental and reproductive damage and allergic reactions, act as carcinogens and create all kinds of damage in our bodies.

When I was diagnosed, I made it my mission to only use natural and organic ingredients in every aspect of my life to keep my body strong and increase my chances of staying healthy after healing from melanoma. From the foods I ate to the products that touched my skin, they always needed to be pure and derived from natural and organic sources.

“Nature’s beauty is unparalleled, and the more you consume from nature, internally and visually, the more your natural beauty will increase.”

Where I live in Sweden, the natural flora produces some of our earth's most antioxidant-rich berries and plants due to the harsh, ever-changing seasons. Sweden provides the perfect landscape to source the purest, most efficient natural ingredients.

I envisioned a product with only wild-harvested Scandinavian ingredients free from synthetic chemicals and unnecessary filler ingredients like water. A product that’s only made in small, fresh batches and never sold in stores where it can remain on a shelf for months.

This dream ultimately became our first product, the now bestselling Birchtech Hybrid Serum/Cream concentrate.

Since the inception of NOOMI in 2019, my steadfast commitment endures, creating products that are minimalistic, sustainable, and nourishing for our bodies, encompassing both external and internal wellness. Products ethically made from the finest, most pure organic Scandinavian ingredients grown far from pollution in the pristine Nordic forests.

In the end, sustainability and efficiency harmonize perfectly, refusing to compromise on excellence. I hope our organic Scandinavian products positively transform your skin’s natural beauty and let you shine confidently at any age, as you deserve.

Tindra Eriksson


Pure, holistic beauty treatments made from sustainably wild-harvested Scandinavian botanicals 

NOOMI is a Swedish-made natural skincare brand originally located in Vega, Stockholm, creating holistic and organic beauty products for aging skin.

We formulate with intention, choosing only the finest, most high-quality botanicals we can source in the pristine Scandinavian forests, far from the pollution of non-stop city life.

We know that antioxidants found in natural plant ingredients are the most powerful skincare ingredients on earth, and this is consistently proven in research.

Our conviction lies in the idea that authentic beauty products can only arise from transparent processes. Ethical choices and transparency shape each facet of our supply chain.

Pure, small-batch created, holistic formulas infused with only healthy natural Swedish ingredients mean you’ll look and feel your absolute best, no matter what age.

Superfood for aging skin

Scandinavian botanicals are a true superfood for your skin. Wild berries, mushrooms, and tree saps contain antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, and natural growth factors. Wild-harvested botanicals contain protective active substances and strong antioxidant properties compared to other natural ingredients to survive in harsh climatic conditions due to the short growing season in Sweden. 

Additionally, these botanical ingredients are adaptogens, which can make your body resistant to stress, slow aging skin's appearance, and improve overall well-being.

We feature sustainably sourced ingredients from Sweden grown in wild nature as key ingredients in our formulations because of their exceptionally high life-force energy, exceptional nutritional values, and outstanding purity.

Our Ingredients

A holistic approach that brings out your natural beauty at any age

At NOOMI, we believe in efficient, natural, and sustainably harvested beauty treatments. We design products that bring out your natural beauty, regardless of age. Our products are minimalistic several-in-one formulations that shorten your daily routine and maximize your results.

We believe that a holistic approach is key to beautiful skin. Aging can be delayed or reversed with an optimal diet, lifestyle, and product choices. That’s why we are designing natural and organic products that work both on the inside and out.

Our Products

We set our standards above those of many other beauty brands, excelling in several fundamental aspects

  • Always fresh-to-order beauty, made in small daily batches
  • Filler-free formulations 
  • 100% beneficial ingredients for your skin 
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging and shipping material
  • Ethically made and certified cruelty-free and vegan by the PETA organization
  • Sustainable harvesting--all of our natural ingredients are handpicked according to fair trade principles without hurting biodiversity
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Our mission is to streamline your busy days with simple, natural beauty solutions seamlessly woven into your daily routine

We prove that when it comes to skincare, you can have it all: freshly made, efficient, ethically, and sustainably sourced.

And that’s just the beginning.

While retail beauty brands exist to fill your cabinets, our minimalist beauty products will help to streamline your routine while you see more results.

With NOOMI, less is truly more.

Our organic and transformative beauty treatments can be used in multiple ways and endlessly combined to brighten, firm, and nourish your skin at any age.