5 Reasons Why Birch Sap is One of the Best Ingredients for Mature Skin

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5 Reasons Why Birch Sap is One of the Best Ingredients for Mature Skin

Rejuvenating. Hydrating. Birch sap holds the secret to beautiful, mature skin. But did you know that its full potential remains untapped to this day? Are you ready to discover the ultimate secret of the Birch Sap ingredient? 

Read on to learn NOOMI’s five reasons why Birch sap is one of the best ingredients for mature skin. 

Here are five benefits the Birch sap ingredient can offer to mature skin:

1. Skincare that cares for the environment

Not only does the harvest of the Birch sap encourage the massive distribution of soil nutrients, but the mere existence of the Birch tree as well. Through its dense root system, this tree affects two main properties of the soil - microorganisms and enzymic concentration. Eventually, the sustainable growth and harvest of the Birch sap stimulate the tree to enhance its ecosystem in the long run.

2. Water that is literally taken from the “Tree of Life”

The nordic people quote the Birch tree as the “tree of life.” The water collected from the Birch tree, known as sap, qualifies more as precious nectar. A small amount of sap can already enhance a person’s vitality from the inside out. But the sap is not the only one that makes the ingredient all the more precious. Note that you can only harvest the sap once a year for only three weeks at the beginning of spring. 

3. Raw and all-natural skincare

The Birch sap possesses all the raw potencies that soothe, protect, and bring out the best in your mature skin. Moreover, you can apply the Birch sap, without any additions, directly into your face. It should not require processing to bring out the sap’s nutrients because the raw sap alone already holds the necessary nutrients. 

4. Nature’s source of well-being 

An elixir of life. Nature’s DNA. Nature’s gentle touch. The Birch sap contains more than 50 bioactive nutrients and antioxidants that enhance physical and mental well-being. Its other nutrients include amino acids, full enzymes, vitamin B3, B12, A, and many more. With this 100% organic nectar in place, 

5. The most active caring solution for skin of all ages

The Birch sap possesses unique molecular structures small enough to penetrate immediately into the skin’s pores. As it does, it evenly distributes the nutrients needed by the skin, stimulating, in turn, the skin’s elasticity. In addition, it addresses the ultimate lack in sensitive skin: a barrier. It actively does this without overcompensating, working like it has a mind of its own, and simply delivering what is needed. 

The sap is everything your skin needs, especially mature skin. Unlike most products that contain high water content, the Birch sap has all the active benefits. Water-based products, on the other hand, are simply a waste. 

Did you know our Birchtech Hybrid contains an entire 55% organic birch sap? Click here to find out more. 


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  • Margaret Olson on

    I love love this product! Since switching to waterless skincare I’ve noticed such a big difference on my dry and mature skin. Never going back!

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