Quality, Purity and Potency – The Beauty of Small Batch Products

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Quality, Purity and Potency – The Beauty of Small Batch Products

These days, the phrase “small-batch” is all over the place. People are believing more and more in small-batch production across multiple categories. They are seeing the benefit of purchasing small-batch consumables like fruits, vegetables, spices, meats, dairy products, liquor, and the list goes on. 

Slow fashion is gaining a growing following across the globe, pushing for small-batch production of handmade clothing items that are ethically sourced and distributed. As the sustainability cause becomes bigger in various countries, so does small-batch production. And the realm of beauty and skincare is absolutely not an exception when it comes to all this. 

Some may continue to have hesitations when it comes to small-batch beauty and skincare products because they tend to be a bit pricier than those that are mass produced. But just how big of an edge can small-batch beauty and skincare have versus mass produced products? How big of a value does it come to the end consumers?

As a Small Batch Beauty Brand, Let us share with you some big reasons why there is actually so much more value in small-batch beauty and skincare and why  we would never start mass-producing no matter how much we grow. 

So Why are Small-Batch Beauty Superior Compared to Mass-produced?

1. It’s big on sustainability.

Small batch production means better things for the environment. Why? Apart from there being less excess in production because less stocks go to waste, small-batch products are big on ethical sourcing. 

They also put much effort into taking and creating only what’s needed--which is a little bit at a time. In small-batch production, products are also usually handmade versus machine-made. The entire process from sourcing to distribution is typically of low to zero emissions, making for lower carbon footprints.

2. It’s big on quality.

Being small-batch means that there’s more attention that goes into each product. The ingredients are carefully selected, and in most cases, are even handpicked. 

The producers tend to be very in touch with what they’re creating, thus ensuring that each component is of the best possible quality for the end product. 

Moreover, creating in small batches also lessens the need for preservatives and unnecessary filler ingredients that cut the important ingredients and dilute the products and their potency, especially in the realm of skincare.

3. It’s big on returns.

Better quality ingredients and more potent products means better results for your skin. In this regard, you’re sure to be getting more bang for your buck when it comes to small-batch beauty and skincare. 

On top of this, since small-batch beauty and skincare products are primarily natural and organic, you can be sure that you’re keeping your skin away from the harmful stuff like alcohol and parabens and other toxic ingredients, which can deliver more problems than results in the long run. 

4. It’s big on care.

More mindful end-to-end production means that extra love, care, and trust needs to go into each step of the product’s creation. A certain level of trust that runs between the suppliers to the brands to the distributors and to the end consumers exists across sourcing, mixing, packing, storing, and distributing. 

Even when it comes to after-sales service, you can feel that added level of care from the brand. Small-batch production isn’t just about making a sale--rather, it’s about building a relationship.


When looking for products for your skin, consider if they are produced in small batches. Aside from getting quality ingredients and formulas because of the attention to detail, you also give back to nature by helping sustainable practices. 

NOOMI proudly produces its products with sustainably sourced ingredients that are incredibly beneficial to your skin. We are committed to producing bespoke products that are finely crafted in Sweden for the highest quality, purity and potency - always in small fresh batches. 

Our BirchTech Hybrid Overnight Serum/Cream is always made in Small Fresh Batches with hand-harvested Nordic Ingredients. Click here to find out more. 

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