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Embrace aging with Efficacy & Kindness

We are devoted to time-saving, multi-benefit skincare solutions to optimize well-aging and reveal your most beautiful skin yet. We are formulated for skin that changes with age, because we understand that chronological skin changes are natural. We are organic skincare rooted in respect for nature: powerful Scandinavian naturals work in harmony with the nature of your skin.

At NOOMI Stockholm, we’re here to support radiant, glowing, healthy-looking skin—from nature, to you.


The Nordic Lappland in north Sweden is home to the world’s largest organic-certified forest—about 13 million hectares to be exact—and nearly 99% of Lappland forests are organic-certified. These precious ingredients grow in untouched areas, far from pollution.

Scandinavian flora endure arctic winters & hot summers—generating powerful natural protection to remain beautiful, fresh, vibrant and alive. NOOMI Stockholm harnesses these diverse, powerfully potent actives to deliver to your skin a healthy vibrancy and unbounding glow.

The power of Nordic nature in a bottle—pure and simple.


Our products are bespoke-crafted in Sweden for the highest quality, purity and potency. Hand-cultivated and specially designed to embrace nature’s greatness.

At NOOMI Stockholm, we embrace aging with efficacy & kindness