NOOMI Ambassador: Annelise Hagen, Natural Facial Rejuvenation Expert

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NOOMI Ambassador: Annelise Hagen, Natural Facial Rejuvenation Expert

 “Hi, My name is Annelise Hagen. I am the author of The Yoga Face and an expert in natural facial rejuvenation. This is just a revolutionary product. I also just love the packaging. First off is BirchTech Hybrid."

 "I've been using this product for a couple of weeks now and I've noticed a much more plump and dewy look on my skin. So I really love this. This is an amazing line. I love everything in it."

"So these products come out of the Arctic area, and it is all ethically and sustainably sourced organic ingredients. It has retinol. It has vitamin C, it has Mulberry, and of course, it has Birch tree sap. Birch sap actually helps to plump the skin. It helps to create a barrier between your skin and the world, so it's very protective."

"Retinol is the number one ingredient for mature skin that you can put in a skincare product, since it’s proven to brighten and de-age the skin. Hyaluronic acid is if you follow me at all, you know, it's one of my favorite rejuvenating ingredients for the skin. It plumps the cells and it just gives you a very moist and dewy look."

"Basically, it's a really smoothening, evening product that helps take away age spots and refine fine lines."

"It's a really great price point. So for all of the power that this delivers for yourself skin, it's a really good value. I can't wait to keep using it. And we'll see what happens in about a year. I'm going to keep going with this."

Further Update from Annelise / 2 Weeks Later: 

“I am now really experiencing all the benefits of your wonderful products - after sleeping last night having given myself a NOOMI Spa Day with the Sponge, Overnight Treatment and oil, I can see huge results today.”

View BirchTech Hybrid Overnight Serum/Cream By Clicking here. 

"I have never tried this before and I'm really excited.  It is the NOOMI Stockholm Organic Konjac Sponge. It's full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help purify and regenerate the skin. It's infused with french clay or arctic blueberry."

"I have been soaking it in lukewarm water for a little bit and I'm going to massage my skin in circular motions. I have not exfoliated my skin in a while and this feels very nice and does not feel too abrasive."

"I feel like I got buffed and like I have a very fresh, clean, newly regenerated face after using this sponge."

"Afterward, I feel very fresh & look very glowy and I don’t have to use a lot of makeup because my skin feels so nurtured and taken care of. Just really gentle, glowy exfoliation perfect for mature skin.”

View the Konjac Sponge By Clicking here. 

Our concentrated multitasking formulas are what set us apart at NOOMI. Each ingredient has a purpose. No fillers. Our intelligent waterless formulas showcase potent skin nurturing activity with less most definitely being more. It’s called Lagom. The Swedish word meaning no more, no less. It’s why you won’t find any "extras" like artificial fragrance, parabens, sulfates or even shimmer, in our products - just pure skin enhancing naturals wild-harvested from the Scandinavian forests.

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