NOOMI Ambassador Mel’s ‘Game-Changing’ One-Step Nighttime Skincare Routine

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NOOMI Ambassador Mel’s ‘Game-Changing’ One-Step Nighttime Skincare Routine

Mel C Makeup & Style, Review of NOOMI BirchTech Hybrid™

Mel is a 50-year-old self-taught makeup and skin enthusiastic from Canada. She loves to share her passion for beauty, fashion and healthy living on her YouTube channel Mel C’s Makeup & Style.

Hear Mel’s experience streamlining her nighttime skincare routine: the natural ingredients, the visible results, and why she chose NOOMI BirchTech Hybrid™ for her first experience with a retinol treatment for sensitive skin.

BirchTech Hybrid™ is designed to simplify your nighttime routine with no compromise on results.

There is no need to layer, spend excessive time or purchase lots of products for an effective nighttime routine. Keep it simple!

“I basically just take my makeup off (if I’m wearing any) and throw this on, and I don’t have all those steps anymore. I don’t need to wait—because when you do layer products you are supposed to give each of them time to sink into the skin—so that's what I absolutely love about this. I can just throw this on and go to bed. That it has basically everything you need in your nighttime routine in one bottle is awesome.”

Mel did not experience any irritation with our retinol treatment.

We safely incorporate our 0.5% Retinol in a micro-encapsulated, time-release system so you can enjoy all the benefits without irritation or side effects.

“I appreciate that it works on all skin types. That’s very inclusive, and that’s the other reason why I was curious. I do have that sensitive skin, so I was little concerned about the retinol in it. NOOMI has chosen the concentration of each vitamin wisely to maximise the benefits while preventing irritation, and I did really notice that I didn’t have any redness. I was a little bit afraid of that when you read about retinol and the side effects, but I didn’t have any of that at all.”

Water does not provide any skin benefit, but Nordic Birch Sap does

BirchTech Hybrid™ contains 55% Nordic Birch Sap, instead of water, so our retinol is delivered in a nourishing carrier that helps optimise ingredient performance—without any fillers like water that do not provide any skin benefit.

“It’s formulated without water. They’ve infused it with 55% Nordic Birch Sap in place of the water so product absorption is enhanced, delivering the formulas multitude benefits deep within the skin for maximum results.”

Our blend of Vitamin C and Swedish Bilberry work together to target hyperpigmentation with a skin-lightening effect. 

“The hyperpigmentation on my cheek area is something I’ve had for years & years. I’ve tried different things for it, but because of the Vitamin C in this product, it has definitely improved the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Our 2-in-1 formula delivers advanced results without the need for a separate serum and cream.

“I think my skin looks way better than it did even a couple of months ago. I can definitely see how my skin looks smoother and my makeup applies better. I’ve been using it pretty much seven days a week and my skin feels so wonderful. I can’t believe how supple it feels, how soft it feels, and it does give me a radiant appearance”

Learn more about BirchTech Hybrid™ here.

Have you tried BirchTech Hybrid™ yet? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think! 

Because there’s nothing more beautiful than age- positive women supporting each other to make aging positive.

Our concentrated multitasking formulas are what set us apart at NOOMI. Each ingredient has a purpose. No fillers. Our intelligent waterless formulas showcase potent skin nurturing activity with less most definitely being more. It’s called Lagom. The Swedish word meaning no more, no less. It’s why you won’t find any "extras" like artificial fragrance, parabens, sulfates or even shimmer, in our products - just pure skin enhancing naturals wild-harvested from the Scandinavian forests.


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