Sheila Kiss On Why You Need A Different Skincare Routine As You Age

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Sheila Kiss On Why You Need A Different Skincare Routine As You Age

Does your nighttime routine cater to the specific needs of mature skin?

64-year-old Sheila Kiss took the leap and moved from Australia to Bali, Indonesia after a stressful career in banking & sales. She now lives life to the fullest with zero regrets every day. Sheila loves traveling, yoga, fitness and is running her very own fashion and beauty blog called Call Me A Gypsy. 

We love Sheila's approach to life and aging:"There is no right time and no right age to discover new journeys." We couldn't agree more!

Sheila has been using our products for a long time and agrees that you can look and feel more vital at any age. With the right holistic approach, it's always possible. 

"NOOMI is letting us enjoy the best skin of our life even as we mature. Aging is a natural process that we can't stop but we can certainly help ourselves."I'm really happy with my skin right now and I think its actually better now than when I was 40."

Sheila thinks it's very important to use clean, filler-free and sustainable skincare for mature skin since water & fillers makes products less potent = less effective for targeting wrinkles, combating dryness and fading stubborn pigmentation spots.

"I wanted one that was only product; no water, organic and sustainable. I can't tell you how hard that was to find. I eventually sourced one from Scandinavia that ticks all the boxes plus its affordable. That is really important to me."

Sheila uses Birchtech Hybrid which is your all-in-one nighttime product that lifts and firms your skin with 20+ all-natural Swedish ingredients, including birch sap as well as cloudberry and lingonberry extracts. 


She also uses Wild Blue which is our best-selling facial elixir. This simple, yet effective facial oil is made out of 100% Swedish blueberries to make the skin look and feel more plump, glowing and smooth. 

"If you can relate to me, you know that I accept the fact that I will age but I just want to look as good as I can for as long as I can. When it comes to skincare I am really choosy, it has to be something that works and is affordable for the average woman. That's really important to me." - Sheila Kiss. 

Order the Set Sheila uses at a discount here. 

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