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As you age you may notice that makeup items like foundations and powders that you once used just don't light up your complexion like they used to.
As we get older our skin changes, from wrinkles to less elasticity, changes in texture and skin tone, dryness and more. Foundation might look more patchy and uneven..while powders settle into fine lines and wrinkles.

However this doesn't mean that you can't feel confident and gorgeous at this point..it just might require a little bit more effort then it used to. 
We have therefore collected our 5 best tips to create a perfect canvas with makeup items like foundation, concealer and powders.

Tip #1 Exfoliate your skin regularly. 
Our skin sheds cells regularly but they don't just disappear on their own..instead they cling to healthy skin, making your complexion look dull, clogging pores and highlighting fine lines & wrinkles. Regular exfoliation prevents clogged pores, dull looking skin, minimises the appearance of fine lines and even skin discoloration. Start with weekly sessions and build up as tolerated. This will ensure you have a smoother skin texture when applying foundation or concealer.

Helpful NOOMI Products:
"For mature skin, Retinol is one of the best ingredients out there. Regular application leads to increased cell turnover and improvement of lines, wrinkles, skin tone and pigmentation. 

"Infused cleansing sponges gently remove dead skin cells to reveal fresh, radiant skin. It's unique organic composition gently exfoliate the skin without causing tears or dryness like standard exfoliators."

Tip #2 Choose a foundation close to your skin tone.
As already stated our skin is becoming less smooth, and develops more texture as we age. A foundation which does not work with your skin tone can create a mask-like, patchy appearance that will emphasize fine lines, wrinkles and pores even more. If you are unsure about your skin tone ask a beautician at the store to help you find the right shade. 

Tip #3 Choose setting powders made for the eye area.
If you want to keep your foundation in place all day you should consider using a setting powder. However, setting powders are known to settle into fine lines and can create a very matte, dull looking complexion. Instead try to opt for a setting powder that's actually created for around the eyes. Those tend to be very finely milled and even contain some hydrating ingredients to set the makeup without causing dryness and emphasize wrinkles. 

Tip #4 Switch out heavy concealers to a lightweight one. 
Try to opt for a liquid concealer with a thinner consistency because it's less likely to settle into fine lines or creases. It's a plus if you can find one infused with skin nourishing ingredients like ceramides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to keep the delicate eye area smooth and plump. Bonus tip: When applying the concealer, warm it up on the back of your hand, work in light layers with a brush and then buff it out evenly with a beautyblender until desired coverage is achieved.  

Tip 5# Use a hydrating primer. 
Mature skin tends to be very dry due to hormonal changes. To create a smooth, plump canvas before applying any makeup consider using a hydrating primer made for mature skin. This ensures your makeup goes on smooth and makes it look fresh and even all day long. 

"This hydrating elixir softens and plumps the skin to create a soft smooth barrier before foundation. It can be used both during the day and night."

There we have it! The top 5 tips for a smooth complexion as you age. Do you have any other tips to share? Then leave a comment!

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