Waterless Beauty: What It Means & Why It Matters

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Waterless Beauty: What It Means & Why It Matters

We are committed to doing our part to keep water where it belongs—in the communities that need it most. 

And keep it out of the places it doesn’t belong—like beauty products.

Let’s face the facts:

  • Two-thirds of the world’s people face water shortages for at least one month each year
  • Almost half the world’s population will face severe water scarcity by 2030 without urgent action
  • Populations of freshwater animals have declined by more than three-quarters since 1970
  • One-third of all freshwater species are threatened with extinction

Moreover, the cosmetics industry uses distilled water—a type of purified water—which goes through a purification process requiring at least 9 liters of regular water to yield 1 liter of distilled water.

All things considered, it’s hard to ignore the environmental consequences of the cosmetic industry today. 


Waterless beauty offers some very interesting benefits for cosmetics:

  1. Removes Filler & Creates More Room for Goodness
    Most cosmetics products contain up to 95% water, which provides no real benefit to the skin. Taking out the water means that the product is filled with ingredients in high percentages that can actually make a true difference in your skin.
  2. Prevents Drying Effects Associated with Water Evaporation
    Water-based products have actually been found to dry out skin and hair because water evaporates, taking many of the skin’s healthy and natural oils along with it.
  3. Preservative-Free
    Water-based formulas require effective preservative systems to prevent microbial growth that can threaten formula safety. By removing water, we keep our formula preservative-free, making it easier for us to deliver high-concentration efficacy in 100% natural formulas.


The environment and the health of your skin is important for us. That’s why we wanted to be different. We spent years researching a water substitute that is kind to both the environment and the skin … and we found the perfect solution here in Sweden. Swedish Organic Birch Sap!

Why is Birch Sap different and better than distilled water?

  • 100% natural resource that won’t harm the environment or the trees it’s tapped from. 
  • Does not require any processing & can be used directly in a formula as a natural water substitute.  
  • Contains 55 bioactive nutrients like organic acids, amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals that strengthen, protect and soothe the skin. Water contains zero! 
  • In high concentrations the sap has a documented effect to stimulate fibroblasts & produce more healthy collagen. More collagen = firmer skin! 
  • Unique composition of small molecules penetrates deep into the skin and works as an optimal carrier to deliver the active ingredients right where they belong.  
  • Strengthens the skin barrier and calms & soothes sensitive skin, making it the optimal carrier of strong active ingredients like retinol to eliminate irritation or side effects, such as redness or peeling.


NOOMI Stockholm strives to streamline your routine, so you don’t have to worry about layering or needing many different products. Removing water also means that our products are filled with ingredients in high percentages focused on improving your skin. 

We stand for formulas that embrace efficacy & kindness—from nature, to you. 

Have you tried waterless beauty before? Comment below to let us know your thoughts about waterless products.



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  • Susan Niles on

    I have only been using Noomi for a few months, but I have already seen a difference in my skin.
    I have sensitive skin and try to be very careful with skin care products, Noomi does everything they claim and more. I’m 72yrs. old and it’s never too late to want to look radiant and healthy.

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