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Nordic Clean Beauty - Sustainability Is Everything

Posted by Tindra Eriksson on
Nordic Clean Beauty - Sustainability Is Everything
We’re committed to making fresh-to-order beauty with sustainable sourcing and harvesting principles. Our approach is different. We take it further than traditional clean beauty standards and even remove water from our formulas. We are the first Scandinavian waterless beauty brand, creating multi-functional green beauty products that minimize waste and maximize results. NOOMI considers everything from how our raw ingredients are harvested, to how a product can last for a longer time to how each product can be made fresh for delivery.
Our clean beauty standards exceed those of many other beauty brands in four core ways.


Most skincare products on the market, including clean beauty formulations, contain between 70-90% of distilled water. This is a type of purified water – which goes through a purification process requiring at least 9 liters of regular water to yield 1 liter of distilled water. As almost half of the world’s population will face water shortages by 2030 the environmental damage of distilled water is hard to ignore. NOOMI Stockholm never uses distilled water, only natural ingredients like berries, plants and tree saps that deliver an actual benefit for skin.


All NOOMI products are made in only tiny, small batches daily. We are a fresh-to-order beauty brand which means we can guarantee ultimate freshness, purity and quality. We don’t sell our products to other stores where there is a risk that the products will be left on a shelf for weeks or even months. By blending by hand with no machinery running day and night there is zero carbon footprint in the production process. Any potential errors during production can be mitigated on a very small scale, which results in minimal waste. 

(An error caused by machinery could result in huge batches having to be discarded. Being a fresh-to-order beauty brand means that the natural and active ingredients are at their peak when they arrive at your doorstep and you can expect more results.) 


All of our natural ingredients are handpicked according to fair trade principles without hurting biodiversity. No machinery is ever used. The nordic berries, plants and saps are collected in organic certified forests in the Swedish Lappland far from any pollution. The berries and plants must withstand short but intense summers and ice-cold winters which makes them incredibly nutrient dense with antioxidants, plant sterols, enzymes, and fatty acids and should be harvested with care. 


Minimum waste means using fewer products. Using fewer products means using only multifunctional, long-lasting products. Eliminating water and fillers means our products are packed with only nutrient-dense ingredients which means they last longer and are a lot more effective. Most of them are multifunctional, for example, our elixirs which can be used under makeup, in your hair, and blended with foundations and creams. This eliminates unnecessary steps in your routine and maximizes return for your skin in a very sustainable, efficient way.


Our sustainable business model is built on limited supply and fresh-to-order beauty for ultimate purity and quality. We always use recyclable glass bottles and jars and avoid unnecessary packaging whenever possible. We see and control everything that goes into our products. We’re continuously seeking ways to improve and do even more, with the ultimate goal of consuming and wasting less.

We believe in complete transparency, from showcasing every ingredient in the formula to our production process. If any questions always feel free to reach out. 

A few of NOOMI's natural products made in small, fresh batches: 

NOOMI's Eye Serum/Cream

NOOMI's Face Serum/Cream

NOOMI's Infused Cleansing Sponge

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